FITS: FORD F150 – 2015-UP PART NO. 19544

2015-UP PART NO. 19544

Ford F150 - 2015-UP Model Half Ton

Order Part# 19544

Instructions:  Place the filter over the heater/AC inlet directly ahead of the windshield.  There are two left and two right parts of the filter for the vehicle. Adjust the filter so it lays flat on the cowling, matching the air intake openings on both sides, aligning the filter parts over inlet. Using a screwdriver for the #12, 1 1/4"  stainless steel screws, screw into vent screen.  Included is black foam tape to run across the left and right side of vent holes in front of cowling.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.  Again, do not over tighten!

Replacement elements order Part# R19544